Ripen Video: STILL SEEKING [Industrial, Promo, Web/Internet, VIDEO]:
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Mens Clothing Company (Revised Tailor Role) [Commercial]:
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Liquor project [Web/Internet]:
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Mens Clothing Company: NEW ROLES [Commercial]:
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Este Nino Lindo [Short Film, Studen]: IMPORTANT PROJECT NOTE: A considerable portion of filming will take place on the water in a raft.....
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Major Sports and Street Fashion Brand: STILL SEEKING [Promo]:
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Hood Cottage Cheese [Commercial]:
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Pfizer [Web/Internet, + Convention(s)]: SYNOPSIS: 3-4 minute un-branded video to talk about "atopic dermatitis".
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Telecommunications Company: [Commercial]:
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Wargames [Web/Internet]:
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Anti-Racism PSA [PSA]: SYNOPSIS: Seeking talent available this weekend to be part of an Anti-Racism PSA shooting in....
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The Dollmaker [Film]:
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Diabetes Pharma: NEW ROLE [Print]: PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE DETAILS: Talent chosen will need to read over the talent release form and....
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Pharma V/O (Japanese) [Voice Over]:
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Alcohol Brand: SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [Print]:
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Ikea (Still seeking)
Posted on: 04/11/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
Client/Artist: Apply to view!
Casting Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Date: Apply to view!
Casting Date: Apply to view!
Day Rate: Apply to view!
Usage Rate: Apply to view!
Usage - Type: Apply to view!
Usage - Length of Time: Apply to view!
Usage - Location: Apply to view!
Job Type: Apply to view!
Union Status: Apply to view!


Mom Caucasian or Ethnically Ambiguous
40-50 / Female / Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity
We need to see actors who are REAL MOMS: loving, caring and warm. She should have a good range of expressions, as this mom is not ready to let go of her daughter and she’s looking pretty distraught about what’s happening. There are tears for two reasons; sure, she’s happy for her daughter to be going off to college, but she just didn’t know it would happen this fast.
Our mom has to look and act this part.
Average body-type

Daughter Caucasian or Ethnically Ambiguous
18-22 / Female / Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity
She’s a freshman, so she’s young-looking, but not too young. Racially ambiguous or Caucasian (no red heads) . She’s wearing something casual, but not too casual, as it is her first day at college. She’s got bright features, she feels ambitious, and she seems very excited – she’s so happy to finally be going to college. She’s just ready for mom to let go. This goodbye has gone on for a while, and we can feel that a little bit.

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