Voiceover for US Open [Voice Over]:
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Mercedes Commercial [Commercial]:
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Mortgage Company Background Roles [Ad Campaign]:
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A Christmas Story (an adult ensemble musical ) [Stage/Theater]: This classic holiday tale centers on Ralphie, who dreams of getting a BB-gun for Christmas. Leading....
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PHARMA Shingles(New Roles) [Print]: Seeking talent for multiple roles for an upcoming Shingles pharma print shoot. CONFLICTS: We will....
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United Health Group (New Role) [Commercial]: ***Talent MUST add a note of exactly where they are from - AND - their real regional accent** No....
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Female Entrepreneurs Stock Photo [Print]: A Lifestyle / business shoot set at private office space. Female Executives, will be working on a....
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True Crime TV series Episode 2 [TV]: Second Episode of a mysterious murder TV series set in the New England area. Filmed in NewYork....
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Educational Testing Services (ETS) NEW ROLE (URGENT) [Promotional]: Will arrange transportation from NYC to location in Princeton, New Jersey and return to NYC same....
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Pharma (AIDS) [Print]: This is for an AIDS related drug, so please make sure you are comfortable with that. There is Video....
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Elemeno Pea (3 Separate Roles) [Stage/Theater]: Story line: Set in the end of summer in Martha’s Vineyard, the comedy Elemeno Pea collides the....
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Major online/box-store [Print]: There is also a fitting fee, if a fitting is needed. Fitting fee is $500 and the fitting usually....
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Amoroso's Commercial [Commercial]: ***Please note this job is based in Philadelphia, PA - PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO....
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Battelle Voice Over [Voice Over]:
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True-Crime TV Series [TV]: Synopsis First episode of a true-crime recreation miniseries about a number of mysterious and....
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Essie "The Naming Dept."
Posted on: 04/06/17
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27-27 / Female / Caucasian
Female. Caucasian. 27. Wide eyed. Enthusiastic. Thoughtful. Curious. Overachiever. Sometimes a perfectionist. She is sharp, has great style, and her comedic timing is spot on. She is the driving force of the series.

28-28 / Female / All Ethnicities
Chill. High Fashion. Effortlessly Chic. Occasionally funny and sarcastic.

20-29 / Male / All Ethnicities
British Intern. All Ethnicities. Handsome. Clean shaven. The precocious intern who charms all his co-workers with his dashing good looks and irresistible British slang. Genuine British accent is a must.


30-40 / Female / Caucasian
Blonde. The new hire at the Naming Department. Confident. Unstoppable. Bold. Her 90s fashion sense is on point. Her outfit is reminiscent of Cher Horowitz from Clueless.

26-26 / Female / All Ethnicities
A passerby in the office. Millie and Amy mistake her for their new boss. Lola is going about her day on the way to her next meeting.

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