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College Unfiltered: FlockU
Posted on: 03/08/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
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The Sheep
20-30 / Male, Female / All Ethnicities
Performer needs to have great comedic timing and understanding of dead-pan humor. Variable speed of movement…and damn funny and well timed. They need to be in shape and able to perform under a sheep suit, which will likely be a bit heavy and hot. Height-wise, our performer needs to be in the 5’-5’4” range for women, and no taller than 5'7 or 5'8 for men. Slim body type as costume can’t accommodate larger. Can be male or female, but for male, shouldn’t be super ripped…would need more of a cirque du soleil body type, as the legs and arms will be felted black tights.

PLEASE ADD A NOTE WITH YOUR HEIGHT, ANY COMEDY EXP., + any movement experience (dance, sports, martial arts, stunts, whatever)

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