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Clinton Rd
Posted on: 02/13/17
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25-26 / Male / All Ethnicities
Michael is an ex-firefighter his wife Jessica disappeared on Clinton Road 3 years ago and he has never let go of losing her, he struggled with grief and turned to the bottle, he became a recluse and was suspended from his job, he is emotionally closed, overly trusting, conditionally motivated and a optimist. Michael finally meets a young girl who helps him move on, however he is still frustrated and willing to do whatever it takes to get closure. LEAD ROLE- 11-15 DAYS

25-26 / Male / All Ethnicities
Tyler is Michael's best friend, he is a fire fighter from Jersey , he is charming but selfish and two-faced and skeptical about everything. He wants the old Michael back and tries to help Michael overcome his grief but he doesn’t know how. We only see the best from Tyler when it benefits him the most. He is single and always trying to score and sleep with girls - even if it is his best friends girlfriend.-LEAD ROLE-10-15 DAYS

21-22 / Female / All Ethnicities
Jersey girl - She is a bitch and materialistic, narcissistic, unfaithful and paranoid. Kayla is a bar star who just wants a hot boyfriend who is weak and or broken to control and take care of her, she is Michael's current girlfriend who loves the idea of having a hot fireman husband and will do whatever it takes to land one, but she needs Michael to get over his grief for his wife. - LEAD ROLE 8-11 DAYS. MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN BRA, SEE THRU TOP / WILLING TO GO TOPLESS (TASTEFULLY)

24-26 / Female / All Ethnicities
Michael's wife's Jessica's sister. Isabella lives in NYC she is a single professional business women who is smart, brave, confidant and rash. She tries her best to help Michael through the hard time they share. She wants to find out what happened to her sister and needs closure from her sister's disappearance as much as Michael does. NEED FOR 6-10 DAYS

24-25 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is fun, promiscuous, free spirited and needy. Gianna lives in Manhattan and is considered a weird city girl who likes to be freaked out by things unknown. She is Begory's girlfriend and she needs to grow up. NEEDED FOR 5 - 11 DAYS. MUST BE COMFORTABLE IN BRA, SEE THRU TOP / WILLING TO GO TOPLESS (TASTEFULLY) PLEASE ADD A NOTE TO SPECIFY WHICH ONE

Begort: African, West Indies/Caribbean
28-30 / Male / African-American/African, Other
African, West Indies/Caribbean male. He is a dark skinned big man with a deep voice he is mysterious, spiritual, chauvinistic and magical. Begory specialist in black magic, the occult and paranormal activities. He is very serious about his black magic and wants to be taken seriously and only wants to be around people who will take him seriously. - NEEDED FOR 5-10 days

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