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Posted on: 02/10/17
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35-100 / Male / Middle Eastern/North African
A mechanical engineer from Allepo. A modern, educated person who had a normal life there. he's not religious but he follows traditions that are based on religion. He learned some English, but doesn't speak it so well. He married when he was 25 and tried hard to make a life for himself in Damascus. He moved with Ghada to Aleppo before the war started. After being injured severely in the war, he moved to the US, with his daughter Aya. He's been in the U.S for 10 months and works as a dishwasher to make money while he waits for citizenship. MUST SPEAK ARABIC.

30-45 / Female / Middle Eastern/North African
Ghada from Duma, a smaller suburb outside of Damascus. She went to University to study medicine but took a break when she had Aya, her daughter. She grew up in a religious Muslim family but wasn't very religious. In Syria, she only wore a hijab in the mosque or when she went to visit the cemetery. She's a good mother, warm and nice and also shy. She married Sami in a traditional way but both of them like their modern and free life. At one point they had discussed emigrating to Canada. She's now 30 but looks much older. She's had to wait for months to get her paperwork to come to the US. MUST SPEAK ARABIC.

11-14 / Female / Middle Eastern/North African
She is still physically weak from the lack of food during wartime. She was 5 when the war started so her childhood memories are starting to fade. She doesn't wear a hijab that shows she's a Muslim. She now speaks English because she's been attending a public school n the US. She tries to practice her English with the other children, but she's alone and shy and it's hard for her to make friends. America is very different for her. Back in Turkey when they were refugees, her friends were very jealous of her leaving for the US. But now that she's here, she's a bit disillusioned since she had expected people to be kinder. MUST SPEAK ARABIC.


60-70 / Female / African-American/African
She works for the Catholic Charities, which helps house and feed refugees as they get back on their feet. She is kind, patient and pissed off the way the Syrians are being treated. She is very outspoken and masks her own pain with humor.

9-9 / Male / Caucasian
Jared is 9 and Aya's neighbor. He is a curious boy and feels conflicted by his father's hatred of immigrants. He would like to be friends with Aya but he knows he shouldn't be over there because his dad would get mad. he's very popular with his friends because he alway's pushing boundaries.

Jared's friends
9-9 / Male / All Ethnicities
Two 9 year old boys who go trick or treating in the neighborhood.

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