Mens Clothing Company [Print]:
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MTV Saturday Nights: Urgent [Promo]:
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Make-up Company [Print, Video]:
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MTV Awards / Truth (Anti-Smoking) [Promo]:
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Music video [Voice Over]:
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Seabourn: EX. URGENT [Voice Over]:
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College Unfiltered: Flocku [Commercial]: Synopsis: A comedic campaign aimed at raising awareness of a college news platform written by and....
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Parts Talent: Rough Men's Hands - Film Promo [Promo, Web/Internet]: Non-Recognizable. Hands and Arms only. No face.
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Culturelle [Commercial]:
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Pharma. Industrial. [Industrial]: SYNOPSIS: Seen through the eyes of Ryan’s mother. Ryan has been planning on proposing to his....
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AZO [Commercial]:
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Music Video [Music Video]: Directors Statement - For this film we’re looking for off beat character types, interesting....
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Paper Towel Campaign [Commercial]:
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Hair Product Company: STILL SEEKING [Web/Internet]:
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Pharmacy: URGENT [Commercial]:
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Posted on: 01/31/17
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Female Caucasian or Ethnically Ambiguous
23-32 / Female / Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity
Talent must be a strong, experienced actress

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