The Kraft Ranch Responders [Commercial, (3 Spots)]: NOTE: We are looking for late 20’s-40-ish crew of women who are character actors with comedy/imp
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Hat Company [Print]:
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Me The People [Stage/Theater]: ABOUT THE SHOW: Me The People is “a new America musical” from the people that brought you Bush....
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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration PSA [PSA]: This is a PSA for NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) -- "MAN IN THE MIRROR&
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Morgage Company [Ad Campaign]:
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Wet Shapes [TV]: Seeking an assortment of male & female talent, all ethnicities, possessing solid comedic timing....
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MUSIC VIDEO [Music Video]: LUCILLE CREW an international Groove collective, fusing elements of Hip Hop, Funk & Soul.
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Fragrance Co. [Web/Internet, Infomercial]: SYNOPSIS: Membership based fragrance website seeking talents to self-record scripted product and....
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Morning Show / Supplement Shake [Promo]:
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Inside Edition: NEW SPEC [TV]:
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V/O Pharma [Voice Over]:
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Jeans Campaign (Dancer): SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [Commercial, Print]: SYNOPSIS: Jeans are so comfortable that you can easily (and happily) dance in them.
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Audible: URGENT [Commercial]:
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Kids Bop [Commercial]:
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Dept. Of Health [PSA]: Flu shot video public service announcements.
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W Magazine
Posted on: 01/31/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
Client/Artist: Apply to view!
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Shoot Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Date: Apply to view!
Casting Date: Apply to view!
Day Rate: Apply to view!
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Union Status: Apply to view!


The Costume Designer Caucasian, Mediterranean male.
50-59 / Male / Caucasian
REALISM - Bold. Boisterous. Dramatic. Black spectacles frame his piercing eyes. His initial function is to dramatize the story’s conflict by refusing to accommodate the movie star’s demands. He pointedly walks off set, creating a vacuum for our heroine to step in and prove her mettle.
SURREALISM - Once the young production assistant enters the surreal world the costume designer appears changed. He’s now Italian, kind, submissive, and in absolute need of our heroine’s help

The Film Director Caucasian, Mediterranean male.
35-45 / Male / Caucasian
REALISM - The Film Director archetype. Baseball hat, jeans and sneakers; he hides behind a monitor, at a distance from the actors. Disconnected, lacking control, interpersonal skills or much respect or understanding of women.
SURREALISM - Once our heroin enters the final set, reminiscent of La Dolce Vita, she notices that the director has transformed into none other than Federico Fellini. We never see his face, but his attire (tailored suit, fedora) and mannerisms leave no doubt of his identity. He speaks in Italian, has a larger than life personality, loves and respects actors and is in total control of his craft.

The Film Producer Caucasian, Mediterranean male.
50-59 / Male / Caucasian
REALISM - Short, but imposing. Thick, black glasses frame his intense eyes. A cigar is attached to his mouth. He appears powerful and in control.
SURREALISM - Once the young production assistant enters the surreal world the producer is changed. He’s now Italian, stressed and in desperate need of our heroine’s help. The balance of power has flipped 180 degrees.

The Movie Star(s): Caucasian, Mediterranean female.
20-60 / Female / Caucasian
REALISM - Beautiful. Regal. Italian. The quintessential movie star who’s appeared in more than one hundred films. She appears difficult, refusing to perform her last scene without a specific pair of shoes. Her perfectionism is misunderstood. She’s disconnected from a world she refuses to be part of. There’s a sadness in her eyes; longing for a distant Joie de Vivre.
SURREALISM - As our heroine embarks on a journey to find the shoes, she travels into a surreal world that is full of life. It’s as if she’s entered the movie star’s memories in search of something precious. The shoes become a metaphor for what is missing from the movie star’s life. They are this story’s Rosebud. Our heroine finds the shoes on the set of Dolce Vita where the Movie Star, now in her early 20s, is rehearsing a dance sequence for Federico Fellini. She’s young, beautiful and vibrant.

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