Corporate Industrial [Industrial]:
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EVITA (Dancers)(LA Auditions) [Stage/Theater]:
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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH OF THE FUTURE PSA [Web/Internet]: This is a PSA about Behavioral Health. Some actors will portray being depressed and/ or dealing....
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JOAH: “YOU” AND “GUAC STAR" [Commercial, Web/Internet]: “YOU” - This is an awesome spoof on Netflix's YOU. This is a spot for a pore deactivator.
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BAKERSFIELD MIST [Stage/Theater]: Maude, a fifty-something unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a....
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AMERICA'S JOURNEY [Documentary]: America’s Journey is a docudrama that navigates viewers through times of invention, equality, and....
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SPOTIFY (French VO) [Voice Over, Web/Internet]: Comedic native French speakers for scripted spot about music.
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ACESSA [Web/Internet]: The product is a medical product called Acessa. It's a pretty amazing new procedure to help....
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THE JUNGLE [Stage/Theater]: After taking London by storm at the Young Vic and in the West End, The Jungle transforms St. Ann’s
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KIDS CLOTHING BRAND PHOTO SHOOT [Print]: We are looking for cools unique kids! We want to bring visibility to a true diversity of kids and....
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Photoshoot for Kids Clothing Brand - New Shoot Date [Commercial, Web/Internet, Photoshoot]: The photographer is a very talented well known children’s and family photographer- Rachel Fellig
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CORPORATE VIDEO [Industrial, Web/Internet]: This a small scene that is apart of a much longer video that will be aimed at potential real estate....
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THE WAITRESS & THE ROBBER (WORLD PREMIERE) [Stage/Theater]: The Waitress & The Robber will have its world premiere in NYC. The hope is that the production....
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THE MIDDLE MAN (ROLE OF EDWARDS EVANS) [Stage/Theater]: An arms deal gone wrong launches both parties involved—a female Jewish insurgent and a British....
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THE VENUS THEATER ON THE AIR [Stage/Theater]: Storyline: We are casting for an episode in its flagship production, “ The Venus Theater on the....
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THE FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA (Season 2) - Additional Roles
Posted on: 01/17/20
Casting Director: Apply to view!
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35-45 / Male / Caucasian
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, His ancestors had immigrated to the United States from Ireland. A respected lawyer turned-cutthroat businessman. His perfectionist personality makes him a man of few friends. He was the driving force in creating a company and transforming it into a modern enterprise and one of the nation's largest employers

26-32 / Male / Caucasian
Born in Greencastle, Indiana. Hot-tempered and exceedingly ambitious businessman. A clear leader.

30-35 / Male / Caucasian
Brother of Jacob. More reserved, passive aggressive businessman.

28-38 / Male / Caucasian
A smart, inquisitive entrepreneur with a knack for engineering. Born in Pennsylvania.

28-38 / Male / Caucasian
Born in New York City Bold, brash and uncompromising in his vision. A successful restauranteur.

30-39 / Male / Caucasian
An influential restaurant executive never to rest on his laurels. His business practices helped shape the modern operational procedures and advertising models for his industry.

40-45 / Male / Caucasian
Renowned executive chef who comes up with an idea for the most successful fast-food menu items in history.
Luxembourgian accent (French, German)

28-33 / Male / Caucasian
Brilliant, practical and insightful business executive. Smartest guy in the room and loyal to the core.

30-39 / Male / Caucasian
A handsome, witty and charismatic businessman. A natural taskmaster and bold visionary.

30-39 / Male / Caucasian
A business school dropout turned pizza-mogul, Dan is the older, more outgoing of the Carney brothers, and the clear leader. With the help of his younger brother, Frank, they are the first to introduce pizza to America on a grand scale, growing their very first Pizza Hut restaurant from a rundown bar in Wichita, Kansas into a nationwide franchise with 1,000 locations by the early 1970’s. Dan’s relentless ambitious leads to his massive success, but it also threatens to destroy everything he and his brother have built.

25-29 / Male / Caucasian
Frank is the younger, more reserved of the Carney brothers, often working eighteen hours a day without stopping. Analytical and detail-oriented, Frank’s practical nature is a perfect compliment for his idealistic brother’s grand visions. And it’s Frank’s innovations in freeze-dried technology that propels Pizza Hut to dominate the industry.

30-35 / Male / Caucasian
Raised in a series of orphanages and foster homes, Tom Monaghan is an architecture school-dropout-turned-pizza mogul. It all started when he joined his younger brother, Jim, in buying a small pizza take-out spot in Ypsilanti, Michigan. But when Jim doesn’t pull his weight, Tom’s stubbornness and overriding sense of responsibility causes friction between the brothers. And although Tom pioneers delivery service in the restaurant industry, all his success costs ultimately costs him his relationship with his brother.

25-29 / Male / Caucasian
Tom’s younger brother, Jim Monaghan is also raised in a series of orphanages and foster homes. Mechanically-minded, Jim works two jobs as a mail carrier and as a handyman before going into the pizza business with Tom. Naturally pessimistic, Jim quickly grows disillusioned, feeling like the junior partner in a business that was supposed to be his. As tensions flare, the brothers’ relationship is pushed to its breaking point, and Jim must decide whether to stick it out, or walk away.

35-39 / Male / Caucasian
Otto Schnering has seen moderate success in the local candy market but now faces a rash of competitors as barriers to entry in the confection industry drop. With a larger-than-life personality and background as a salesman, Schnering is driven to succeed at any cost. He has outlandish ideas for marketing and isn’t afraid to be audacious— even if he has to resort to lying or stealing to capture market share. The titans of the industry are his rivals and, in his mind, his equals and his risky tactics will turn his own company against him, forcing him to change or risk losing his life’s work and his legacy.

35-39 / Male / Caucasian
(mid-late 30s) H.B. Reese lives a simple life until an encounter with his boss, Milton Hershey, ignites something in him. He becomes singularly focused on forming a successful candy company, a goal that will become an obsession and will nearly divide his family. Reese has more than 20 mouths to feed and he toils for years to find a recipe that will catapult him to the top of the pack. But he becomes so focused on the end goal that he doesn’t recognize the jackpot when he hits it. His determination leads him into incredible debt and Reese dodges arrest while negotiating additional loans. It will finally pay off when a genius cost-cutting measure leaves him with the most lucrative candy on the planet.

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