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Posted on: 09/17/19
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
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25-35 / Female / Caucasian
Audrey has bright red hair (past shoulders) and pale skin. She is slender, with striking features. Audrey and her husband Alistair are having a lobster dinner, when she unexpectedly begins having a seizure.
***The actor that we hire cannot be allergic to shellfish*** PLEASE ADD A NOTE TO CONFIRM

26-40 / Male / Caucasian
He is slim to medium build with dark hair. He is well groomed, with limited facial hair, if any; dark eyes, unusual and or vintage features preferred. He and his wife are partaking of a lobster dinner, when she starts to have a seizure. He just reaches out and finishes her lobster.

****He cannot be allergic to shellfish.*** ADD A NOTE TO CONFIRM

23-35 / Female / Caucasian
Dark hair with edgy style; pale skin; alternative styles a la Lisbeth (Girl With A Dragon Tattoo) encouraged. This is a dark surreal representation of the power that electronic devices have over us. Beatrice tries to resist but is overwhelmed by the giant electronic flowers that have swallowed everyone around her. The actor hired will need to be okay working with strobe lights

22-32 / Male, Female, Other / African-American/African, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern/North African, Mixed Ethnicity, Other, South Asian/Indian
She faces the difficult choice of a terminated pregnancy. An intimate moment in her darkest hour. She is taken out of her own grief by her clumsy midwife. She must be comfortable with partial nudity. She will be shot from the back getting out of bath and from the side. And she must be comfortable with the subject matter. This is a dark absurdist short with surreal elements.

Nudity Required: topless - She will be shot from her back and there will be a darkened sllhouette of her from the side.


31-45 / Female / African-American/African, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern/North African, Mixed Ethnicity, Other, South Asian/Indian
She has full, wavy hair, striking eyes. Dorothea will need to have emotional depth for performance as it will include a range of emotions, including crying. This is a moving portrait of a woman hiding a chronic diseas, as she goes through the throes of pain, anger, desperation and strength.

51-65 / Female / All Ethnicities
She is Carina's midwife. There to support her through her difficult choice to terminate her pregnancy. Claudia brings levity to the situation by fumbling through it. Again, this is a dark absurdist short. Must be comfortable with subject matter. Will require kneeling on hard surface (but can wear knee pads). Unusual features preferred. Physical comedy is needed for this role.

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