ONCOLOGY [Industrial, Print, Web/Internet]:
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HAND MODEL- APPLY NOW [Print, Web/Internet]:
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SHISEIDO- APPLY ASAP!! [Promotional, Web/Internet]:
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PETAL CARDS [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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MS PHARMA [Industrial, Print, Web/Internet]: Exclusivity: Multiple Sclerosis from confirmed booking date/ contract signing to end date of usage....
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WINE PRODUCT [Commercial]:
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NEUTROGENA RAPID CLEAR [Commercial, Web/Internet]:
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ASTHMA MEDICATION [Commercial, Industrial, Print, Web/Internet]:
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NIVEA MEN [Print, Web/Internet]:
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SASA SPICES [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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ULTA BRAND SKINCARE [Industrial, Web/Internet]: Skincare brand, Tula, wants to help you feel confident in the skin you're in. Tula, meaning....
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BRIOGEO! [Print, Promo, Promotional, Web/Internet]:
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Posted on: 03/13/19
Casting Director: Apply to view!
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Shoot Date: Apply to view!
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30-45 / Male / Caucasian
Handsome, fit must be well-trained actor with strong reel/body of work. Cole travels from America to Argentina to finalize details on a major business deal--the biggest one of his life, but is soon entangled in a blackmail scheme, that leads to murder and kidnapping. ALL AMERICAN-ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY - NO ACCENTS. Actor must be able to work in Argentina the entire month of September 2019.

26-32 / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic
Beautiful. Leading Lady. Fit. Must have strong actor training. Must be bilingual (English and Spanish) Detectable accent okay, but we must be able to understand her english easily. Argentinian Spanish preferred. Tina is the (Spanish to English) translator assigned to accompany Cole during his business dealings in Argentina. Her Spanish and English must be strong. Tina is competent, helpful, brave. She is at the Wrong place at the wrong time and ends up embroiled in a blackmail scheme with Cole. Actress must be able to work in Argentina the entire month of September.

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