JAPANESE BOY BAND- DANCERS [Music Video, Web/Internet]:
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FINDERS KEEPERS [Film, Short Film]: A mismatched trio, transport billions of dollars to what they think will be their big pay day, but....
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INDUSTRIAL- STILL SEEKING [Industrial, Web/Internet]:
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THE WITCHES FROM BUSHWICK [Short Film]: Story line: A coven of witches from Williamsburg, Brooklyn stumble upon a power greater than likes....
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Urgent Casting! Cazadores Tequila! [Commercial, TV, Web/Internet]:
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KRINGLE TIME [Film]: Story line: Kringle Time is a social justice comedy about a public access television station....
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Posted on: 12/11/18
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40-45 / Female / African-American/African, Hispanic
Amanda is Shelly’s posh and fabulous cousin, she is beautiful, classy, chic, sweet, confident and is always dressed perfect. She is obsessed with all monetary things and climbing her way up the social ladder of New York. Amanda is on her third marriage. Her recent husband was a very wealthy hedge fund manager until his sudden arrest for embezzlement and tax fraud due to him trying to keep up with Amanda’s insatiable spending habits. She went from Prada to nada in zero seconds. She lost everything and the life she knew is gone and she will do anything to get her lifestyle back even if it means getting involved with the club. Amanda always has a glass of champagne or white wine in her right hand, she never gets drunk but she has to drink to take the edge off. Amanda has a good heart and constantly battles her thoughts about money and status. Eventually she sees the value of true friendship over Hermes bags while never losing her cool or sense of style. She is not afraid to deal with the outrageous situations at Nite and handles them and the eccentric men with ease. Shelly and Fran depend on her to get them out of crazy circumstances and to save the day.

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