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Gilead (Pharma)
Posted on: 11/16/17
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26-26 / Female / Caucasian
Light features - Blonde, light brown or red hair (highlights, Balayage, Ombre or dyed hair OK) – Small tattoos OK (no full sleeves) - She is street smart and has a definite edge to her, she probably lives in Bushwick. She has been independent since she finished high school and did what she had to do to make ends meet. She Lives an active lifestyle and HUSTLES – Very current and now and super confident. She is a part time student and part time personal trainer by default. She has a fit and in-shape body from years of hustling. She is fierce, confident and bisexual. Should come to casting in form fitting street wear with an edge. Think dark skinny jeans, crop top and knee high boots - her own personal style should shine through.

EXCLUSIVITY: HIV Medications, Treatments, etc.

29-29 / Male, Female, Other / African-American/African, Other
triking And Vivacious
This is a person who was born male and identifies as female now. She can either be pre or post op but must be on a hormonal replacement regimen.

TRANSGENDER WOMAN - AFRICAN AMERICAN.: We are looking for a real transgender woman. This is defined as a person who was born male and now identifies as a female. She can either be pre or post op but must be on a hormonal replacement regimen.

We DO NOT want someone to "play" a transgender woman. She must be authentic, true to herself and real!

50-59 / Male / Caucasian
Average upper middle class office professional - skin and body show signs of a life well lived - He's enjoyed his summers in the sun on Fire Island - Should have wrinkles and a "dad bod" (bit of a stomach) because he's indulgent - Still dresses well and takes pride in his everyday appearance. He probably lives in his own co-op in Hell's Kitchen or the West Village. He has a French Bulldog. His wardrobe should be high-end business clothes - slacks and a button down with a classic Farragamo tie and nice shoes.

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