NYState Dept Of Health: STILL SEEKING [PSA]:
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STEPHEN KNOLL NEW YORK: NEW ROLE [Promo, Hair Show]: Training session for seasoned hair stylists- No cut or color, but models would be styled.
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Forxiga [Print]: Target: Consumer and Healthcare Providers Media: Ads, all print collateral, patient materials, any....
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Havana Club: NEW ROLE [Print]:
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Love, Lies, and Larceny [Short Film]: Synopsis: A short based on the novel A Thieving Pursuit. After a series of tragedies, Max has a....
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Inside Edition: Date Change SUBMIT IMMEDIATELY [TV]:
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Music Tutorials (Stand-Ins) [Music Video]:
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AT&T [Commercial]:
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IT Cosmetics [Print]:
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Iron Deficiency Pharma. [Print]:
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NBA [Commercial]:
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Fashionables: [Stage/Theater, WORKSHOP (details below)]: Storyline: Nate's been booted from his communal apartment for being a no-show at an Occupy....
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Brittany Runs A Marathon [Film]:
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Posted on: 10/11/17
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50-63 / Male / All Ethnicities
He's a big, serious American man who never takes the easy route. He could be a farmer, a steel plant worker, a gas station manager, a truck driver, a biker or anything else that feels less expected. He has a hard personality that will be comically juxtaposed by his soft surroundings. Can be bearded, have tattoos, but doesn't have to. 50's to early 60's. Should come dressed as this character. His choice of bedtime tee shirt should embody his hard personality.

20-23 / Male / All Ethnicities
He is an early 20's (can maybe do up to late 20's - need the height!) college basketball player that still may be a kid at heart. He should be at least 6'3". Any ethnicity. The taller the better. The joke is he is too tall for the bed. He is like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air - expressive face and funny - kind of like the same way Will Smith would be overly expressive and have an attitude towards his struggle to fall asleep. (Does not have to be African American though - any ethnicity). Tall and skinny. He should wear something basketball related and sporty. Maybe his lucky jersey on the night before a big game. PLEASE ADD A NOTE WITH YOIR HEIGHT

Teresa (Brunette
30-33 / Female / All Ethnicities
Early 30's, straight edge brunette wearing pajamas that make sense with her character. She's an NYC financial analyst that cringes at the idea of camping, the sound of cricket and even driving through small towns. Her contact with nature is made up of going to the park a couple of hours a week and eating a lot at Sweetgreens. The big city is her natural habitat and she seems to have trouble getting rest. She's experiencing nightmarish discomfort in a a creaky bed that's wrong for her.

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