Music Video [Music Video]: Directors Statement - For this film we’re looking for off beat character types, interesting....
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Paper Towel Campaign [Commercial]:
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Hair Product Company: STILL SEEKING [Web/Internet]:
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Pharmacy: URGENT [Commercial]:
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Real People of New York - B+W Street Portraits [Web/Internet]:
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Real Estate Company [Print]:
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Cancer Pharm: URGENT [Print, Web/Internet]:
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Web MD (Still Seeking) [Industrial]:
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Vogue Arabia: URGENT [Print]:
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Wendy Williams Webisode: URGENT [Web/Internet]:
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Drakes Cakes [Commercial]: Important Note: Talent should pay attention to potential food allergies. If actors are eating, it
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Food-Centric HOST [Web/Internet]: “It’s Tasty meets the Chew with a dash of Viceland.”
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Photographers Project [Print]:
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Cancer Pharm (Seeking Bald People / Willing To Have Head Shaved) STILL SEEKING [Print]: Note: All who are booked will be portrayed as Cancer patients who developed cancer from HPV. BALD....
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WAWA: 'Little Voctories'
Posted on: 03/13/17
Casting Director: Apply to view!
Company/Link: Apply to view!
Client/Artist: Apply to view!
Casting Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Location: Apply to view!
Shoot Date: Apply to view!
Casting Date: Apply to view!
Day Rate: Apply to view!
Usage Rate: Apply to view!
Usage - Type: Apply to view!
Usage - Length of Time: Apply to view!
Usage - Location: Apply to view!
Job Type: Apply to view!
Union Status: Apply to view!


Cell PHone Guy
25-35 / Male / All Ethnicities
Beard (but not a “ hipster beard”) and soft features. He is a real person, not a model. He looks like the kind of guy who is as comfortable on the couch with a video game as he is in front of the grill.

Talent for this role will need to be available 3/23 for wardrobe fitting in Philly; paid - fitting rate is $200. He will be put up overnight in Philadelphia the evening of 3/23.

Mom / Passenger Mid-40's (Ethnically Ambiguous)
44-46 / Female / Caucasian, Hispanic
Latina or ethnically ambiguous, including Italian/Mediterranean look, or Caucasian actresses with brown hair. Casually cool. Like all our talent, she’s real. Not a model. Warm while being playfully skeptical.

“Mom” will travel to and from NYC on the shoot day, and be fitted day of shoot.Transportation provided.

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